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Newsletter « Le Trait d’union »

The association has published a 20-pages newsletter three times yearly since 1993; since January 2015, the Trait d'union has 32 pages and is published twice a year (April and October). Its filled with information often previously unpublished. Your annual fees include 2 issues. You may choose to receive the newsletter in paper format through the mail or as a PDF document by e-mail; please give your choice when joining the association or at your renewal.

As a member, you are invited to publish articles, photos, documents. Your material must reach us by the Marrch 15 and September 15. Please contact Pierre Ducharme by email or send by mail at our post office mailbox.

* Index of our newsletter Le Trait d'union from 1993 to 2014 to download; cliq here (Free)

* CD-RW with 65 first issues of Le Trait d'union (1993-2015) in PDF: 25 $ (index included), Enough space to add future issues.

Book - 2

Charron families from Meaux and allied families [Original title: Les familles Charron de Meaux et les familles alliées - Actes et contrats des XVe, XVIe et XVIIe siècles]

This book includes all acts and contracts about our Charron ancestors in Meaux, which were uncovered through research carried out in the departmental archives of Seine-et-Marne (France). This is undoubtedly an exceptional document.

Authors : Pierre Ducharme and Jean François Viel

© Association des Charron et Ducharme inc. 2009

326 pages.on USB key

Prices :

members: $ 35,00

non-members : $ 55,00

If ordered on the same key of the ''Descendance de Pierre Charron et Catherine Pillard 1665-2018''.  $ 30

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Book - 3

Descendance de Pierre Charron et Catherine Pillard

Our association has published from 2008 to 2015 four genealogical dictionaries, each of them relating to the descendants of one of the four sons of the ancestors, Pierre (2013), Nicolas (2008), François (2015) and Jean (2008), for a total of about 2000 pages. As our genealogical research has been actively pursued since 2015, it became necessary to update these publications and, if possible, to consolidate them into a single volume. It soon became clear that such a volume, which would have been more than 3600 pages, would be too large to be usable in practice, and too expensive to publish and distribute at a reasonable price. The choice of an electronic format (PDF on USB key) proved to be the best solution to solve our problem. You can now order the PDF format of the lineage of Pierre and Catherine

Author: Micheline Charron and Pierre Ducharme

Producion: Denis Charron

Prices : members: 35,00

non-members : 55,00

Institutions: 76,00 $

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