The Charron and Ducharme family names are spread over North America. In Quebec for instance, the Charron name in 2011 ranks 150th among the most used names while the Ducharme name ranks 283th.

It goes without saying that other families have contributed to the popularity of these family names since other branches of Charrons and Ducharmes have also founded families of their own. This is covered in more detail on the page titled “ Other Charron and Ducharme families ”. Be that as it may, it is estimated that about 50% of a ll Charrons and Ducharmes are descendants of Pierre Charron and Catherine Pillard.

The numerous sons fathered by the founding families explain the proliferation of this family name. This is not intended to minimize the importance of daughters. However, it is a fact that at the time, as it is now for that matter, the family name was trasmitted from father to son.

The following table lists for each of the four sons of Pierre Charron and Catherine Pillard, the name of their sons who were married and had children of their own. Thus we can see that the first son Pierre had 5 sons with descendants; the second, Nicolas, had 8; the third, François, had 5; and the last one, Jean, had only 2. In 2011, the known descendants of Pierre make up 33% of all the descendants of Pierre and Catherine Pillard, those of Nicolas 12%, those of François 37% and those of Jean 18%.

This summary is merely a fraction of the genealogical information available on the ancestors and the descendants of Pierre Charron and Catherine Pillard. If you are looking for more details, we invite you to check the "Publications" page. If you wish to order one of the four dictionnaries about their and Catherine Pillard's descendants, visit the "Prices" page.


Pierre Charron and Catherine Pillard, Montréal, 19/10/1665


First son : Pierre Charron

1st marriage to Marie Robin, Boucherville, 04/11/1697

        Their sons :

  • Pierre Charron and Marie-Angélique de Bluche-Laserre, Longueuil, 17/02/1721
  • Jean-Baptiste Charron (died young, without offspring)
  • Jean-Baptiste Charron and Marguerite Lavigne, Varennes, 26/11/1731
    2nd marriage : to Marie-Josephte Malard-Laverdure, Longueuil, 24/01/1735
  • Antoine Charron and Marie-Catherine Joly, Rivière-des-Prairies, 16/02/1733
  • Bertrand Charron and Marie-Anne Ledoux, Varennes, 11/01/1740
  • Charles Charron and Françoise Choquet, Varennes, 29/09/1743

2nd marriage to Madeleine Gauthier, Longueuil, 18/07/1734

  • No sons were born of their union.

Second son : Nicolas Charron

Married to Marie-Madeleine Viau, Longueuil, 15/01/1703

        Their sons :

  • Nicolas Charron (died young, without offspring)
  • Pierre Charron (died young, without offspring)
  • Joseph Charron and Marie-Anne Reguindeau, Boucherville, 16/11/1739
  • Jacques Charron and Marie Audet-Lapointe, Boucherville, 16/09/1743
  • Jean-Baptiste Charron and Marie-Catherine Bourdon, Boucherville, 05/02/1742
  • Jean-Baptiste Charron and Marie-Madeleine Malart, Longueuil, 07/01/1744
  • Louis Charron and Marie-Catherine Aubertin, Boucherville, 12/10/1749
  • François Charron and Marie-Josephte Lamoureux, Boucherville, 19/11/1753
    2nd marriage : to Marguerite Desroches, Longueuil, 02/03/1767
  • Pierre Charron and Marie-Françoise Biguet, Longueuil, 08/01/1753
  • Antoine Charron and Charlotte Blau, Montréal, 14/11/1757
    2nd marriage : to Marie Biguet, Longueuil, 21/01/1760

Third son : François Charron-Ducharme 

Married to Marguerite Piette, Sorel, 30/01/1701

        Their sons :

  • Jean-Baptiste Charron-Ducharme and Marie-Jeanne Houde, Berthier, 28/01/1732
  • Jean-François Charron-Ducharme and Marie-Catherine Joly, Lanoraie, 01/03/1734
    2nd marriage : to Françoise Plouffe, Contrecoeur, 06/08/1747
  • Étienne Charron-Ducharme and Françoise Bayard-Latour, Sorel, 11/11/1734
  • Marc-Antoine (died young, without offspring)
  • Jean Charron-Ducharme and Marguerite Maret, Berthier, 11/02/1732
    2nd marriage : to Geneviève Vanasse-Vertefeuille, Maskinongé, 27/07/1765
  • Joseph Charron-Ducharme and Marie-Anne Roseau, Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade, 12/02/1748

Fourth son : Jean Charron

1st marriage to Madeleine Guertin, Verchères, 8/02/1711 (Contract by Bourdon).

        Their sons :

  • Jean-Baptiste Charron and Charlotte Boucher, Berthier, 28/04/1732
  • Jacques Charron (died young, without offspring)
  • Michel-Amable Charron and Angélique Marier, St-Charles sur Richelieu, 03/02/1749.

2nd marriage to Geneviève Boucher, Berthier, 31/07/1733 (Contract by Adhémar).

  • Antoine Charron, died in 1761 without offsprings.