Are Pierre Charron and Catherine Pillard the ancestors of all the Charron and Ducharme families in Quebec, Canada and the United States? Far from it. As proof, the following is a summary, albeit incomplete, of Charrons and Ducharmes that have founded families in New France.

Charron families (note 1).

First of course is our own ancestor, Pierre Charron, married to Catherine Pillard. Their descendants bear a Charron or Ducharme family name.

Jean-Baptiste or Jean Charron dit Laferrière (from Saintes, Saintonge). He arrived in Canada in 1665, and married Anne d'Anneville. Their deacendants are known by the Charron or Laferrière family name.

Charles Charron dit LaRose Cabanac (from Saint-Agnan, Chartres, Orléanais, France). Married to Élizabeth Poupart dite Lafleur. Considerable number of descendants equally divided between Charron and Cabana family names. (

Other Charrons who came to Canada but did not found families that we know of :

Claude Charron, sieur de la Barre (Blois, Orléanais). The male lineal descent of this branch seemingly became extinct after the second generation.

Léonard Charron (Angoulême, Angoumois).

Pierre Charron (Saint-Fort-sur-Gironde, Saintonge), married to Geneviève Chartier.

Martial Charron (Saint-Pierre, Gironde), married to Marie-Anne Vacher dite Lasertes (marriage was annuled).

In the United States, the Charron family name has undergone several modifications, among others : Sharon, Sharron, Sharrow, Cartwright, etc.

(1) Adapted from “ Trait d'union ”, vol. 5, number 1 : "Les Charron dit Cabana: l'une des trois familles de Charron au Canada", written by Jacques J.J. Cabana, ex-president of “ l’Association des Charron dit Cabana Inc ”

Ducharme families (note 2)

François Charron dit Ducharme, third son of Pierre and Catherine Pillard, married to Marguerite Piette. The Ducharme surname appeared around 1701. Considerable number of descendants; from the late 19th century, retained only the Ducharme family name.

Fiacre Ducharme, one of the emigrants recruited in 1653, married to Marie Pacreau. It is to be noted that in this case the Ducharme family name is not a surname (a dit name) but his original family name.

Joseph-Marie Tétreault dit Ducharme, married to Anne Jarret. Surname appeared around 1700.

Jean-François Provencher dit Ducharme, son of Sébastien Provencher, married to Marguerite Moreau. Surname appeared around 1699.Lineal descent under Provencher and Ducharme family names.

Jacques Lesourd dit Ducharme, married to Marie-Anne Dumas. Surname appeared around 1740.

François Repoche dit Ducharme, married to Catherine Gaboury. Surname appeared around 1677.

Jean Morin dit Ducharme, married to Élisabeth Hubert in 1715, son of Pierre and Marie Martin, of Port-Royal, Acadie. This branch seems to be extinct.

André Ducharme, arrived in Champlain in 1827.

As an aside, note that a number of Ducharmes have themselves adopted other surnames. For example :

Joseph Ducharme dit Lambert, married to Léonie Massicotte in 1875.

Louis Ducharme dit Saint-Denis, married to Scholastique Bissonnette in 1826.

Georges Ducharme dit Massé (Moorse). Surname appeared around 1850 in Worcester, MA.

Joseph Ducharme dit La Verdure. Surname appeared around 1757 in Montréal.

Joseph Ducharme dit Marron, son of Étienne Ducharme and Marie Marion. Surname appeared around 1847 in British Columbia.

In the United States, the Ducharme family name has also undergone several modifications among others : Ducharmes, Du Charme, Du Charm, Ducharm, Duchan, Dushan, Duscham, etc.

(2) Adapted from “ Trait d'union ”, vol. 4, number 2 : "Liste des différentes familles Ducharme", by Émile Ducharme