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Emile Ducharme's research fund

The Association des Charron et Ducharme inc. started a research program in France several years ago. The objective of this program is to discover as much information as possible about the family of our ancestor Pierre Charron, originally from Meaux, in the province of Brie, in France. As our members already know, the results of this research program have exceeded our most optimistic expectations.

To finance this research, on August 3, 1998, the Board of Directors set up a research fund which is now known as the “Émile-Ducharme Fund”, in honor of our late vice-president. The sums collected in this fund are dedicated to genealogical research, in particular research in France, and for various special projects, such as the unveiling of commemorative plaques. Each issue of the Trait d'union presents a statement of the sums collected by the Émile Ducharme Fund.

With the end of the activities of our association, the Émile-Ducharme Fund is also ceasing its operations. Thank you to the generous donors who have supported it since its creation in 1998.

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